SAO Witness Conference Meetings

The State’s Attorney’s Office in coordination with the Police Department is attempting to hold witness conferences within thirty (30) days of indictment for all Circuit Court cases. While we commend the SAO for their effort, members are reminded that witness conferences should be scheduled with your input. Conferences scheduled on a members regular day off, scheduled leave, midnight or evening shift shall be compensated appropriately as outlined within the Contract. Your immediate supervisor should be notified as soon as a scheduling conflict is identified. Per the General Orders (Volume II, Chapter 15, Section 7. Off-Duty Appearances at Court and Administrative Procedures), members are advised to attempt to schedule felony screenings during normal duty hours. It is the FOP’s position that members should not consistently be required to adjust their regularly scheduled tour of duty in order to avoid being compensated when a witness conference is scheduled. Members are asked to contact your Shop Steward should this problem arise.

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