Retirees Information

August 3,2020     Retied Association Meeting

Yes Jimmy there is a Retired Association on Wednesday at 6 PM.
Come listen to to the latest news affecting the retirees and FOP.
Dinner will be Cole’s Catering: Shrimp Rotini/Alfredo Sauce; Grilled Chicken/ Alfredo Sauce; Spaghetti/Beef Meat Sauce; Fresh Garden Salad, Garlic Bread, Dessert

August 1, 2020     Message from Brother Randy Baker

I would like to thank everyone for all the prayers, well wishes, thoughts, email, face book post, text messages and phone calls.  All of these helped more than you know.
     I don’t always tell what is going on with my health issues but the doctors have been watching a goiter on my thyroid for a while.  After going to a new endocrinologist, having an ultrasound and biopsy, it was determined the goiter was 8 cc and 50-50 chance cancerous.  I was referred to the Chief of Endocrinology at Washington Hospital Center.  After further testing, it was determined a complete thyroidectomy was necessary with a 3-5 day wait for results.  On August 28 I had that operation and while in recovery I began to experience chest pains and after 15-20 minutes, told the nurse and so many doctors I could not count came in and activities started.  Thankfully, it was not a heart attack but something caused by a probe used during the operation.  I came home on the 29th, with a very sore throat and tired.
     My wife, Pat, is my Florence Nightingale.  She nor any family member could not be at the hospital but has been at my side since I arrived home.  Thanks also to our daughter, Sherry, and son in law, Rob, for everything.  Now just to wait the 3-5 days for the pathology report.
Randy Baker

July 30, 2020     Prayers for Retired member Tom Brown

Tom Brown has been admitted to Wellington Regional Medical Center. He is under going dialysis for approx. 5 hours per day. He has also suffered several bilateral strokes. He is able to communicate with his wife. Please keep Tom and his family in you prayers. No calls at this time. Visitors are not allowed in the hospital. George.

July 30, 2020     Retired Officer Burl Thompson

From Brother Frank Kobilis:

Could you Please pass on to the membership that Burl Thompson’s daughter contacted me today to say that Burl’s surgery went well, and hopefully he should be allowed to go home in a few days. Thank you.

Frank Kobilis

July 30, 2020     Patriot Guard

Patriot Guard standing tall at Brother Grogan’s Mass. Brothers Bruce Gentile and George Swope is in the guard.

July 29, 2020      Update

From Bud Price: 
Brother Randy Baker is being sent home today. Please keep your communication to texts and emails.





July 24, 2020    Visits to the FOP Lodge

The FOP Lodge 89 practices the rules consistent with the Covid19 problem. The tables are set up the proper distance and limited to 6 people per table. Masks are required except when eating and drinking. The number of guests are limited to the proper capacity.Overflow guests will be directed to the downstairs area or patio.


July 20, 2020 Roll of Honor

Roll of Honor: The Retired Association offered our prayers for the following members who passed away; Brother Earl Jones #300 on June 18, 2020;

Former member Ron Leeflang; Former member Denny Pavelik; Long time friend to FOP Lodge 89 Captain Sean Davenport of the Sheriff’s Department;

Long time friend to FOP 89 Judge Vincent Femia;

Prayers:  The Retired Association offered prayers at the monthly meeting for the following members who lost loved ones: Brother Leo Rossiter who lost his twin brother George; Brother Chris Shifflet who lost his wife Cindy;

The membership prayed for a speedy recovery for members:  Brother Russ Caudill; Retired member K C Brown; Brother Dave Eyre; Brother Bob Nelson; Brother Pat Grogan; Brother Vince Raubaugh; Brother Bob Baeschlin;

President’s Message:  Brothers and Sister:

In July 2020 the Retired Association had a meeting here at the Lodge. We had 22 attendees. Dinner was served in box lunches. There will be an August meeting. The room is set up to allow for social distancing. Dinner will be served by the caterer in the usual fashion.

Many thanks to Vice President Diane Salen for standing in while I was away. She has a full-time job but was very busy with Retied Association business.

Phil Constantino

LEOSA Range Dates: We have been advised that the Range will be holding LEOSA qualifications in July and August. Please be aware that there will be limited slots in each class in accordance with social distancing guidelines. All attendees will be required to wear a mask during the classroom portion. Each class is limited to ten people.

Dates are July 13, 20, 21, 27 and 30.

August 18 & 27

Ocean City Reunion: Madam Secretary Toni Frostbutter Nelson is working with Ocean City to plan the October Reunion. She has prepared an article below.

Discussion at last Retired Association Meeting:

Recently some former members of the Prince George’s County Police Department contacted President Consoli and shared their ideas on how to have the Retired Post Retirement Income increased from $45 a month to $100 a month. President Consoli explained why the idea could be dangerous to the benefits the retirees already have. Past Presidents Zeek Teletchea and John Rodney Bartlett were in attendance and explained how any attempts at changes could have dire consequences. The discussion then turned to the Maryland General Assembly attempts to repeal the Law Enforcements Officer Bill of Rights. The discussion got loud, and the discussion was ended by the podium.

Pension Plan: (Reprint from the July Meeting Minutes)

The Plan lost $180 million in April; it made $50 million in May; June results are not in yet. Stated in the actuarial document prepared by actuary company Gabriel, Roeder, and Smith the plan must 27% for retired members to receive more than the $45 raise. President Consoli explained the working of keeping the Plan solvent as to how the Post Retirement Increase works.

It was mentioned to those who think a retired member could become president of the FOP that the bylaws state the FOP President must be a member of the bargaining unit. The membership was reminded that the FOP pays the State and National dues for retirees.

It was stated that of the last contract Active Members pay more for health care than retired members, that active members pay 12% of their pay into the Plan, that the newest members must serve 25 years.

Retirees keep full health care after retirement, and a retiree’s spouse may keep the health care after the retiree’s death.

Any attempt to change the above arrangements could result of one of the above benefits being lost.

Message from Madam Assistant Secretary: Hello!  I hope all is well with our Retired Police family and friends.

Just a Few Things of Interest!

  • When the FOP offers merchandise, if you live out of state and want to order any of the merchandise, members of the retired association can contact me at or call 240-472-2584 to make arrangements. There will be a fee for shipping & handling plus the price of the merchandise. I would then, appreciate the timely return of the fees to keep the treasury current.
  • Constant Contact is our email provider. We have had members call to say they are not receiving emails anymore.  There are only two ways this occurs:  First, is you accidently unsubscribe, or Second, is you forward the email to someone and they unsubscribe.    The Unsubscribe feature is at the bottom of the page, below the email information that the Retired Association sends out.  Once the unsubscribe button is clicked, it is extremely difficult to get your original email back into their system.
  • For those of you that go to or, are interested in going to the Ocean City Retirees Reunion in October. I have been in contact with the hotel, Waterman’s, and Embers.  We are in a holding pattern until we see what the COVID-19 numbers are going to do.  I will be sending more information when we have it.

Have a Safe Summer!

Toni Frostbutter Nelson, Assistant Secretary


Remember if you need to contact the Lodge 1-877-321-5623. Email Address is Please keep up with all news including monthly meeting at


July 16, 2020     Retired Association Husk Scholarship Fund

The Retired Association is proud to offer the sixteenth annual college scholarships, which will be awarded by lottery to the child or grandchild of a retired Prince George’s County officer who is in good standing with the Retired Association (dues paid for the current year). There are three $1500 scholarships given in two $750 installments one at the beginning of each semester. If you have more than one eligible candidate, you may copy this form. The deadline for submission is August 31, 2019. This means the entry form and required paperwork must be in our mailbox at the Lodge by this date.

Any new or current student is eligible if their sponsoring retiree is up to date on his dues or dues exempt.

Applicants will have to submit proof of enrollment to include copies of both the letter of acceptance to the college and a tuition bill for the upcoming semester. Students other than first semester freshman must submit their last grade transcript, which must be 2.0 or better. Payment for the second semester will require a grade transcript of 2.0 or better. The winner must submit their transcript in January before the second payment is mailed to them.



NAME OF STUDENT: _________________________________

RELATIONSHIP TO SPONSOR: ________________________

NAME OF SPONSOR: _________________________________

NAME OF COLLEGE: ________________________________




Prince George’s Retired Police Association

C/O FOP89 P.O. Box 510 Lothian, Md. 20711 and mark the envelope: Attention Scholarship Application

July 28, 2018     New ID Card





REQUESTS:  Requests can be made by many ways…

  • In person or by mail at the Police Personnel Division, 1801 McCormick Drive, Suite 270, Largo, Maryland 20774
  • Telephone at 301-780-8195
  • Email at


REQUESTOR:  Please provide full name, rank, ID#, retirement date, retirement type (normal retirement or disability retirement) and driver’s license for verification purposes.  The requestor must complete the Identification Card Request Form to initiate the process.  This form is provided upon request.


OUT-OF-STATE:  Requests for out of state members will be handled via mail or email.  Passport style photographs will be required to process the ID card.  The photographs can be mailed to the Police Personnel Division or emailed in a JPEG format.


PROCESSING TIMES:  Please note that all members are verified prior to issuance of an ID card.  Therefore, processing times may vary from person to person as these checks may take time to perform.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – Call to make an appointment
  • Wednesday – Walk-in accepted


LOST/STOLEN IDENTIFICATION CARD:  It is the responsibility of the retiree to report a lost or stolen police department identification card to the jurisdiction of where the incident occurred.  Retirees will need to provide a copy of the police report prior to receiving an identification card.


DAMAGED IDENTIFICATION CARD:  A damaged identification card regardless of state needs to be returned to the Police Personnel Division in order to receive a replacement identification card.


UPDATING IDENTIFICATION CARD:  The identification card does not expire and can be updated at any time.  Retirees must check with the Police Personnel Division for available dates and times prior to scheduling an appointment.  Walk-ins are accepted only on Wednesdays.     


*    is for use of Retired Association business. It is also the mass email address to send out membership notifications. is President Phil Constantino’s personal email. Toni Frostbutter Nelson personal email

I hope this clears up any confusion.

CIGNA Healthcare Members Customer Service is now open 24/7. The number is 1-800-244-6224.

The County’s Pension Fund website is

This is the web site to view your monthly check, W2, 1099R

If you need to get a retired ID issued, you need to contact the Police Personnel Division:301-780-8195