Retirees Information

January 21, 2020     Prayers for Brother Karl Milligan #139

From Brother Ernest Hawkins:


Brother Karl Milligan #139 and his wife Carol are being admitted to an assisted living facility. Karl would like cards. The address is  Homestead Manor 410 Colonial Dr Rm 402 B Denton, Md 21629. No visitors at this time. Phone calls welcome.

January 20, 2020     Florida 2020 Reunion

From Brother Gary Johnson:
We have for many years planned a gathering in Florida for our Brothers and Sisters to share food, drink and Fraternalism.
This year Pat (Ed) Kollmann made attempts to get info on a 5 day cruise for groups and discovered that we were late for groups in June, so we are looking into it for next summer ( 2021).
So this year we’re looking at The Plantation on Crystal River  either June 11th-15th or June 25th-29th 2020. We went there in 2005 and found it absolutely accommodating, beautiful and spacious. There was also so many activities around us boredom wasn’t in our vocabulary. So much has changed, Since 2005 The Plantation is under new ownership and much updating has been done and its actually a perfect place for all our needs.
NOW for all of us. I need to know the number of interested people and which dates would be more accommodating, for the majority, prior to my contacting them. The more rooms we have the better negotiating power we have. Now Im looking at 20+ rooms, if we can start at that number, Of course we all are hoping for more. ALSO, if anyone has any ideas of where we can have a Reunion in Florida, please let me know. Especially in the Panhandle area. We have many Brothers and Sisters West of Tallahassee because of distance dont join us.
Please send me a text of email of the date that your interested ONLY in The Plantation Crystal River by February 1, 2020. There will a deadline date later for your confirmation. I need to start the negotiation ASAP.
Thanks all….

Gary D. Johnson
Cell: 941.626.1361
Fax: 941 391-5868

January 20, 2020     Lunch with Charlie on 1/22/20

Lunch with Charlie: Wednesday is the odd day which is the 4th Wednesday of the month but not the last Wednesday. After asking for suggestions for a location the only place mentioned is the Sea Food Palace at 81 Forest Plaza in Parole. See you there at 1130 AM Wednesday. Jimmy Pessagno tell April at the Double T we will be there on the 29th.



January 16, 2020     Prayers for Brother Joe Vasco

From Brother John Rhoads:

Brother Joe Vasco has been moved to Hospice Care, His mailing address is 1717 Ball Road, Port Republic, Md. Cards, letters, and prayers are welcomed.




January 15, 2020     For Old Times

The owners of the Original Ledo Restaurant in College Park are looking for a buyer, citing a desire to retire.

Established in 1955 on University Boulevard, Ledo moved to the location at 4509 Knox Rd. in 2010 to be part of the city and the University of Maryland’s efforts to revitalize downtown.

A commercial real estate listing notes that the 5,800-square-foot restaurant will be across the street from the new City Hall complex and has had a “big price reduction.”

The restaurant was started by Tommy Marcos Sr. and Robert Beall just as the pizza craze of the 1950s was taking off. Their pizza had its signature square shape because round pans were harder to come by at the time, and the name was chosen because it was short, making it cheaper to put on the sign.

During its heyday in the 1960s, sports legends like Yogi Berra, Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath were regulars at Ledo. As the Washington Post once noted, “Frank Sinatra ordered Ledo’s takeout when he was in town. So have Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones.” In 2006, it was featured in a series on the best pizza in America on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” thanks to Maryland alum Gayle King.

As the name implies, the Original Ledo Restaurant is separate from the Ledo’s Pizza chain, which has locations from the Mid-Atlantic down to Florida. The sons of Marcos and Beall started the chain in 1989, but the Marcos family left after a legal dispute.

The resolution of the legal case allowed Jimmy and Tommy Marcos Jr. to run the Original Ledo Restaurant and another restaurant in Bowie.


January 10, 2020     Brother Swope rental

Time to start planning your summer vacation. We have a 3 bedroom/ 3 baths fully equipped ocean front condo. Summer rates are $1,800 total for a Saturday-Saturday rental. Off season rates are also available with a minimum 3 night stay. Visit to view the property. Our condo is in the south tower. Email me directly with questions or to check availability at: You can also call me at 301-651-9594. Photos available upon request. Thanks. George.



January 8, 2020     Journey Through Time

Good Morning All,
As you all know, Denny Campbell and I are working on research in an effort to produce a sequel to Journey Through Time.  In an effort to solicit additional assistance, we would like to schedule a meeting at the lodge next Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 1400 hours.  We are looking for assistance from both active officers and retirees.
Is it possible to send an email to the Retirees Association, as well as active officers, so that anyone interested in assisting with this project can attend this meeting?
Some of those who have expressed interest include Jen Reio, Sherrice Carpenter (although I’m unsure if she would have time considering her new position), Mike Landrum, and Jen Arthur.  Is it possible to get their email addresses so I can send them a separate email?  Others have expressed interest as well, but I already have their email addresses.
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Bruce Evartt

January 6, 2020     January Meeting Minutes

January 2020 Retired Association Meeting

Call to Order:

Prayers:   The membership offered prayers for the following members who passed away: Brother Rick Garrett #947 on December 7, 2019; Retired Officer Tyrone Brown #2469;

Active Member Joey Angle;

Long time friend to the FOP Bill Milligan.

The membership offered prayers for the following members who lost loved ones; Brother Ray Harris #1691 who lost his mother Carolyn Harris-Hansford; Sister Katherine Schooley #2033 who lost her mother Mary; Brother Joe Vasco who lost his wife Betty;

The membership prayed for a speedy and complete recovery for: Cindy Shifflett; Brother Joe Vasco ICU; Brother Tony Amoia; Retired Officer Melvin Cheshire;

Pledge of Allegiance:

Guests: Jeff Seibel Morgan Stanley;

New Retirees:  Sherry Ware #1966, Brian Johnson #2356, Kenneth Evans #2434, Mario Chavez #2511,

Civilian:  Donna Makowelski #C-130

Seldom Seen:   First Meeting: George Harley;

Old Business:

1) Lunch with Charlie Ward: Bottom of the Hill Leonardtown on January 8 2020 at 11:30 AM, at Three Brothers Prince Frederick on January 15, 2020 at; and at the Double T Diner in Annapolis on January 29, 2020 at 1130AM.

2)  Medicare D; some members are being billed both by Medicare and the county in paying a prescription premium;

3) FOP Scholarships application on the web site.

4) LEOSA HR 218 Range dates at the Department Range

Being reassigned

5) Spouse Benefits: Vice President Diane Salen is preparing a report on the spouse’s benefits as to health insurance, prescription plan, survivor benefit, and a retiree’s selection of a new survivor 30 days after marriage.

6) Dues are due by January 31 or you will be removed from the email and newsletter list. It will take some time to get you reinstated.

Vice President Report: Diane Salen; None

Secretary Report: Mike Landrum 863 members

Treasurers Report: Milt Crump

The Treasury has $41,306.68

FOP Report: President Angelo Consoli reports:

  1. The Maryland Legislative Session begins on January 8, 2020. He expects the legislature to try to weaken the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights.
  1. Contract negotiations have begun.
  1. He continues to work on grievances.

First Vice President Sherrice Carpenter wanted to again thank the membership for support.

 Finance Committee Report: None

Raffles: 50/50:   Won by Secretary Mike Landrum who donated it to the Police Memorial.

The Attendance Raffle for the January was $500; Brother Ransom McLamb was not in attendance.

Attendees: 62

Good of the Order:

1) Past President Pam McKay Parrigan wishes everyone a Happy New Year and will be at Lunch with Charlie next Wednesday in Leonardtown.

2) HR 218 Story:

 Brother Cas Roback relayed a story where he was handcuffed by Cheverly Police in their station for carrying a firearm. He had his HR 218 card and was released.  

3) February 1 wreath clean-up day at Cheltenham. Time will be forth coming.

4) Brother Denny Campbell had a 50-year commemorative badge to auction off.

5) Brother Bruce Evartt has photos of most academy classes. He is looking for help identifying people. If you can help contact him.

6) February 19 is a day to remember the WWII battle of Iwo Jima. Brother Bob Baeschlin fought and was wounded in that action.

Dinner: Cole’s Catering:

Fresh Garden Salad

(Italian & Ranch Dressing)

New York Strip w/ Herb Butter

Chicken Marsala

Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes

Vegetable Medley

Sautéed Green Beans

Assorted Desserts





January 2, 2020     FOP 2020 Scholarships

2020 PGCSF Inc Application revised 12.30.19

Open to all Fop Members





April 8, 2018     New ID Card





REQUESTS:  Requests can be made by many ways…

  • In person or by mail at the Police Personnel Division, 1801 McCormick Drive, Suite 270, Largo, Maryland 20774
  • Telephone at 301-780-8195
  • Email at


REQUESTOR:  Please provide full name, rank, ID#, retirement date, retirement type (normal retirement or disability retirement) and driver’s license for verification purposes.  The requestor must complete the Identification Card Request Form to initiate the process.  This form is provided upon request.


OUT-OF-STATE:  Requests for out of state members will be handled via mail or email.  Passport style photographs will be required to process the ID card.  The photographs can be mailed to the Police Personnel Division or emailed in a JPEG format.


PROCESSING TIMES:  Please note that all members are verified prior to issuance of an ID card.  Therefore, processing times may vary from person to person as these checks may take time to perform.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – Call to make an appointment
  • Wednesday – Walk-in accepted


LOST/STOLEN IDENTIFICATION CARD:  It is the responsibility of the retiree to report a lost or stolen police department identification card to the jurisdiction of where the incident occurred.  Retirees will need to provide a copy of the police report prior to receiving an identification card.


DAMAGED IDENTIFICATION CARD:  A damaged identification card regardless of state needs to be returned to the Police Personnel Division in order to receive a replacement identification card.


UPDATING IDENTIFICATION CARD:  The identification card does not expire and can be updated at any time.  Retirees must check with the Police Personnel Division for available dates and times prior to scheduling an appointment.  Walk-ins are accepted only on Wednesdays.     


*    is for use of Retired Association business. It is also the mass email address to send out membership notifications. is President Phil Constantino’s personal email. Toni Frostbutter Nelson personal email

I hope this clears up any confusion.

CIGNA Healthcare Members Customer Service is now open 24/7. The number is 1-800-244-6224.

The County’s Pension Fund website is

This is the web site to view your monthly check, W2, 1099R

If you need to get a retired ID issued, you need to contact the Police Personnel Division:301-780-8195