Christmas Ornaments / Pre-Order Update

The Metal FOP 89 Christmas Ornaments are here.  If you pre-ordered one you can stop by the Lodge and pick yours up.  There are a limited quantity for sale for those that did not pre order.  The cost of the ornament is $20.  Due to not enough interest the bulb ornament was not ordered.  If you paid for one your money will be refunded.  The clothing order has not arrived yet.

August 27, 2012

We will have a silent auction at this years FOP # 89 Fallen Heroes Car Show. We already have 4 golf 4somes, $100.00 gift card to Jerry’s place in Prince Frederick. Mike Bernardon is working on a pair of Redskin Tickets, the Lodge will work on Raven Tickets, also working on the Crab Cake Factory in OC, and other area eateries for donations. If anyone knows of any restaurant, sports bar, sports team, etc that might make a donation for a auction item, please contact them. If they are looking for something in return. Tell them if they donate something valued at $100.00 or more we will list them on the event tee-shirt. Thanks for the help & support. George. PS. Don’t forget to mark you calendars for Tuesday Sept 4th. The Greene Turtle in Edgewater is sponsoring a Funds for Friends day to support our memorial. This means that 10% of the Turtles proceeds will be donated to our car show. Lets try and jam the Turtle and see if we can’t get $1,000.00 from them. I know we can do it. This counts from open to close and includes sales of food, drinks, and clothing items.
Thanks again. George.

September 16, 2009

I would like to congratulate the Fraternal Order of Police/ Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee for their recent arbitration victory against the Metropolitan Police Department. The decision addresses violations of certain provisions contained within their contract regarding schedule changes, as well as how members shall be compensated. While this ruling has no direct effect on this membership, we are studying the possibility of introducing similar language during a future round of contract negotiations. I have attached a copy of the arbitrators decision for your perusal. Again, congratulations to our Brother and Sisters at DC/ FOP Lodge 1.

DC’s Arbitration Decision

April 15, 2010

Click here to read President Canales’ response to the following anonymous e-mail:

“Guess I’m gonna get ready for the “mandatory” meeting. I’ve been hearing alot of rumblings from the rank and file wanting to know where is their represntatives? Who is defending them? Where is the outrage at reporters showing up at your member’s front door? Where was the outrage when YOUR endorsed candidate went to the Washington Compost making your members look bad??????

Putting out pretty little newsletters that sound like an Obama campaign speech is NOT getting the job done! Everything is not “hunky dory!!!”

November 15, 2010

To All F.O.P. Lodge 89 Members,

The last two years have been very trying. Many days, we are presented with challenges which force us to question why we are in this profession. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels saddened by the allegations filed today in Federal Court against several of our members. While the FOP has done all it can to stay abreast of the ongoing allegations and investigations into the department, we are always surprised and disheartened when we hear of an officer being indicted or arrested for criminal activity.

However cliché, I ask that this membership and the citizens of this County allow these members their day in court and not try them in the court of public opinion. These members should be afforded the same rights as any other citizen. It should also be very clear that this FOP and its members do not support or want to work alongside any officer found guilty of criminal activity and betraying his or her oath of office.

Despite extremely difficult circumstances, this membership has done an exemplary job protecting and serving the citizens of Prince George’s County. We have no reason to be ashamed of identifying ourselves as Prince George’s County Police Officers. The citizens of this County will forever owe a debt of gratitude to each of you for the service that you provide.

We shall overcome this latest obstacle as we always have, with dignity and pride. We will come out of this much stronger. Often times, the FOP is not at liberty to disclose pertinent, confidential information about a particular matter. This situation falls into this category. All I will ask is that we remain focused and united and know that “this too shall pass!”

Sender// Ismael “Vince” Canales, President, FOP Lodge 89